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Certified Accountants

Ef Audit is a  member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece ( SOEL No 185) and a Certified Audit Firm registered in Greece under ELTE No 56.

Knowledge & Expertise

We are converting our deep knowledge & experience into value, for the benefit of our clients and our people.

Global Network

Ef Audit, as a member of Eurofast International and as an Independent member of ANTEA Alliance, uses its global network in order to provide enhanced services to local and International clients in Greece.

Effective solutions

We are always aim to provide immediate and effective solution to any issue which may arise in order to complete in time any  project in process to meet deadlines.


Our Services

Audit & Assurance

Our Audit & Assurance Services are based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and include:
  • Statutory Audits of financial statements as required by local regulations.
  • Tax Certificates, if requested by the client, issued as part of a Statutory Audit, in accordance with the requirements of article 65A of Law 4174/2013.
  • Non Statutory (Voluntary) Audits as may be requested by Stockholders or Creditors.
  • Review of Financial Statements.
  • Audits of single Financial Statements or specific elements, accounts or items.
  • Special Audits based on agreed procedures designed to cover the needs of users.
  • Special purpose Audits like Fraud Investigations.
  • Certifications for proper capital increases.
  • Other Assurance services such as mergers and conversions etc.


Using our long professional experience we are able to understand client business and expectations in providing Advisory Services. We provide a great range of Advisory Services such as:
  • Dispute settlement assistance
  • Company valuations
  • Transaction & Deal advisory services
  • Due Diligence projects
  • Internal Audit
  • CFO services, etc.

Tax & Accounting

Our Tax & Accounting services include:
  • Diagnostic Tax Reviews
  • Tax advice and Tax planning
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Supervision of small to medium accounting departments
  • Advice on specific accounting issues
  • Assistance to non audit clients in preparing their financial statements, cash flows or financial projections etc.

Ef Audit provides Audit & Assurance, Advisory, Tax & Accounting Services

Our professional team is ready to offer exceptional services to our local and International clients.

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