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Who we are

Our company was established in late 2018, as EUROFAST AUDIT SA, who became a member of the Institute of Certified Auditors and Accountants of Geece (SOEL No 185) and it was also registered as an audit firm in Greece  (ELTE No 56)

As part of our journey towards growth and enhanced service delivery , we have in late 2023  became an independent member of ANTEA Alliance, who is accepting,  as members, highly qualified professionals in the fields of Audit, consulting, tax and legal, providing services in more than 70 countries using its member firms with nearly 350 offices and almost 5000 professionals worldwide.

Following admission to ANTEA, our company, effective May 2024 was  renamed to Ef Audit SA and as a Eurofast and ANTEA member firm  is now offering more enhanced services to local and international entities in Greece.

Our Mision

Many corporations say their most important job is to satisfy the customer. We do not! We believe that satisfying the client is simply the minimum requirement for staying in business. We do not seek merely to satisfy our clients, we seek to delight them. 

Delight means creating customer enthusiasm by giving them more value than they expect whether measured by Price, Performance, Quality or Service. We measure delight through Repeat work, Referrals, Market “talk” and Timely service.


How we do it:

By turning Knowledge into value, for the benefit of our clients, and our people. Our diverse and dynamic team consist of highly experience partners, who closely monitor each project and are able to adopt, in every changing situation following the moto “out with the old, in with the new” that the fast – paced business landscape defines. We have a deep understanding of our clients goals, their needs, the market dynamics and we work together with our global network, using the tools and resources through our global channel, so as to provide immediate and effective solutions as well as develop lasting relationships build on reiable, straight forward and proactive communication.

Our Team

The Ef Audit professionals are all University graduates and comprise a team of specialized executives in the provision of Audit & Assunance, Advisory, Tax & Accounting Services, with a very well knowledge of our professional standards and of a very good understanding of our clients’ International and local economic environment.

Ef Audit is your trusted partner committed to your organization's success.



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